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Revitalize Your Equipment

At Weppler Farm Machinery we are millwrights of pre-electronic farm and industrial machinery. We offer complete maintenance and repair of older model tractors, combines and equipment. We have the skills and experience to tackle any issues with your best, time-tested equipment. Call us today and we will find the right solution to get your equipment back to working condition.


General Repair

We repair all makes and models of farm and industrial equipment.


Hydraulics, brakes, transmission, drive components, clutches, water pumps, engines, fuel injection systems, electrical starting and charging systems, harvesting components like rasp bars, concaves, augers, chains, cutting components. Just to name a few! 

MachineRepair (5).jpg

General Welding

Our welding bay is outfitted to handle a variety of welds, including Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG), Metal Insert Gas (MIG), and Stick (SMAW) Welding.

Welding (4)-2.jpg

Custom Hydraulic Hose Center

Why settle for an off-the-shelf hose assembly that may not meet your needs?

We use professional grade hydraulic hoses and fittings to create a quality custom assembly that fits your equipment precisely.

We make your hose while you wait.

HydrolicHose (4).jpg

Farm Implement Tire Repair

We provide expert solutions for punctures, leaks, and worn-out tubes. Our brand new tires and tubes ensure a perfect fit, and our re-rimming service restores rim strength.


Get your equipment back on the field today!

TireService (5).jpg

CNC Plasma Cutting Table

We have our very own CNC plasma table which gives us the ability to design and fabricate parts at a modern level of efficiency and precision.

We can model and fabricate parts that would be otherwise unattainable. 

CNC (33).jpg

Machine Shop

With our in-house classic machine shop we are capable of producing a wide variety of parts for most makes and models. 


This includes discontinued parts, for vintage tractors and equipment.

Lathe_Large (11).jpg

Radiator Repair

We understand the unique needs of vintage tractors and offer expert solutions to keep them running at their best. We are well-versed in handling radiator repairs for classic models.

Entrust your pre-electronic tractor to us, and we'll restore its cooling system to peak efficiency, allowing you to get back to the field with confidence.


Air Conditioning Services

Don't let the summer heat wave slow you down!

We can detect refrigerant leaks, compressor problems, electrical problems and many other common issues with air conditioning systems. 

We will have your cab cool again in no time!

ACrepair (2).jpg
General Repair
General Welding
Custom Hydraulic Hose
Radiator Repair
Tire Repair
Air Conditioning Sevices

Repair Parts

We stock a variety of parts for your tractors and equipment. Shafts, sprockets, pulleys, bearings, tires, rims, PTO components, starters, alternators, hitch parts, hardware, belts, oil, filters, batteries, electrical, and other common parts used in the repair of farm and industrial machinery. As a dealer for many global distributors, we can order replacement parts for common makes such John Deere, New Holland, CIH, Fiat, MF, and more. We also have access to parts for classic and obsolete makes such as Universal, David Brown, Nuffield, Leyland, Ford, Oliver and more.

Repair Parts

Oil Inventory

We carry an assortment of oils for tractors and industrial equipment.

This includes Universal Tractor Hydraulic oil, 15w40 and 80w90. 


We also sell Antifreeze, Diesel Exhaust Fluid and more!

Oil (3).jpg

Battery Sales and Returns

We have a stock of batteries for your tractors, lawn mowers, and other vehicles.

When you pick up a new battery, bring us your used one and we will recycle it for you!

Batteries (5).jpg

Linde Welding Gas Depot

As a Linde Gas Depot we serve as a storage and distribution center for various industrial gases, such as oxygen, acetylene, argon, and carbon dioxide, among others. 


We are able to take in your empties and perform exchanges!

LindeGas (6).jpg

Net Wrap and Baler Twine

We have your harvest season covered with high quality net wrap and baler twine to preserve the quality of your harvest.


Our net wrap ensures protection from the elements, while our high-quality baler twine tightly binds bales for easy handling and transportation.

Twine&NetWrap (4).jpg
Oil Inventory
Linde Welding Gas
Battery Sale and Returns
Net Wrap and Baler Twine

When your most important equipment fails, you can trust us at Weppler Farm Machinery to quickly diagnose and fix the issue.  

Short Line Dealer

We are licensed to sell MK Martin, Horst Welding, Braber Equipment, Walco, equipment and attachments for whatever your needs may be.

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